Be a Tidy Tech Kiwi with HP New Zealand: Addressing our e-waste

We have been working with HPNZ for over 10 years, providing support across various levels of business including strategic advice, internal and external communication, media engagement and brand communications.

HP New Zealand is conscious of its impact on the environment and is committed to doing its part in helping make a better New Zealand. A stakeholder audit showed that e-waste and security were top concerns among staff and stakeholders. HP briefed Acumen to develop a programme to help address these issues and also have a positive impact on the local community.

Our research found that Kiwis are contributing 20kg of technology waste into landfill every year. HPNZ already has a robust technology recycling system for its products, and works with partners to both help reduce the amount of technology waste going to landfill and earn an income stream for local schools.

The HPNZ Tidy Tech Kiwi pilot programme was developed to encourage schools, pupils, teachers, and parents to donate old technology including; laptops, PCs, monitors, printers, phones and tablets. We designed and developed the brand for the programme and all the communication content including newsletter and website updates for the schools to share with pupils and parents.

The programme collects donated items in a large bin kept on school premises. We are working with HP New Zealand’s global partner, TTGlobal, to collect the devices, securely wipe any remaining data and distribute the devices to countries in need such as Kenya and Tanzania. Any devices that cannot be repurposed will be recycled responsibly with all profits made being returned directly to the school.

The pilot programme has been well received by the three participating Auckland schools, with Mount Albert filling its 660 litre bin completely in the very first week!  We are now working with HP New Zealand to secure government funding to take the programme nationwide in the next two years.