New automated budgeting tool from Booster that puts control back in your hands

Booster is a Wellington-based financial services company with a strong focus on New Zealand investment opportunities.  It is a nimble, fresh-thinking organisation that is committed not only to maximising its members’ interests, but also to helping increase their financial knowledge and confidence.  We have been working with Booster to drive brand awareness and firmly establish it as a thought leader and a great alternative to the larger financial institutions.   

As part of the overall strategy, Booster recently launched its innovative new Budget Builder. The budgeting tool, available free to all Booster members, automatically sorts spending into categories allowing the user to track their expenses against income and compare their expenses to previous months via an easy to follow graphical user interface. Key to the tool’s success is its ability to interface live from multiple banking providers, acting as a one-stop-shop for people who have accounts with several banks.

Acumen supported Booster in the Budget Builder launch by creating, producing and executing a comprehensive digital advertising plan.  We also secured media coverage and supported Booster Managing Director Allan Yeo to communicate the benefits of the new tool effectively both to his members and media.  The launch was covered positively by key target media.

Acumen continues to support Booster with an advertising campaign including videos, gif and static content across digital platforms and social media.  The campaign demonstrates Booster’s commitment to put Kiwis firmly at the centre and in control of their whole financial lives, and positions it as a leader in the industry doing the right thing for its employees, partners and New Zealand as a whole.