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Stakeholder needs at the heart of reporting for Ports of Auckland

We’re proud to have partnered with Ports of Auckland to develop its first step towards integrated reporting.

To us, integrated reporting is much more than a way of writing an annual report, it’s a philosophy that shapes how companies create and preserve value and manage their stakeholder relations. It requires an integrated strategy and concerted action from leadership.

The process with the Port began with integrated thinking. We worked with the leadership team to develop a new business plan focused on eight key outcomes. Each outcome includes a series of objectives, strategies and key performance indicators to track progress.

This approach is summarised in the report. The Port’s sustainability principles and how it contributes to the outcomes are presented in an infographic. This sets up the report, helping readers to understand the Port’s story and how it creates value for all of its stakeholders – employees, customers, business partners, community groups and its shareholder – the Auckland Council.

The report is the start of the Port’s integrated reporting journey. It will continue to evolve as the needs of stakeholders evolve. Planning for the 2018 report is already underway.

Take a look at the Annual Report