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Our strength is in understanding how brands, consumers, business, Government and communities interact. We identify and make connections where others don’t, taking an integrated approach across earned, owned and paid channels. We create conversations that matter.

The week that was 31 July 2020

July 31, 2020

Highs, lows, notable events and, sometimes, plainly peculiar news. Here are some thoughts from the week that was including Microsoft, Burger King, Anna Fifield, and Nuclear Fusion.

The case for engaging events

July 24, 2020

Over lockdown, technology made it easy to collaborate, communicate and engage from near and far, which was positive, yet good old-fashioned face-to-face communication certainly has its place.

Partnering up key to New Zealand’s recovery

July 18, 2020

At Acumen we often say it’s our job to have a sense of ‘healthy paranoia’ – thinking through potential risks and having a plan. In 2020, it turned out that we could have been a little more paranoid!

Economic Learnings from Denmark

July 17, 2020

In July I joined 40 CEOs and Chairs on a week-long NZ Initiative visit to Denmark to see how their public policy settings compare with New Zealand. What can we learn? Our GDP/Capita needs a look at.

Next Level – Acumen Staff Conference

June 26, 2020

We recently held our annual staff conference in stunning Queenstown. The theme of this year’s conference was Next Level – challenging ourselves to lift our game to benefit our clients and communities.

Challenging Our Assumption

June 12, 2020

It was quite unsettling to discover that I was not as open-minded, critical in my thinking, and as informed as I had thought. Being part of a business delegation to Switzerland was the moment of realisation.