The week that was 20 August 2020

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Thoughts from a busy week

A word from Adelle


It's amazing how what was once considered unusual quickly becomes usual. In the past week businesses and people across Auckland picked up their laptops and pens and went back to working from home.

In her book, Grit - The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Duckworth explains that a combination of passion and perseverance, or ‘grit’, plays a more important role in success than talent or luck. Considering all that has happened this year it’s heartening to see Kiwis keep calm and carry on. Grit will see us through. Until next time, Adelle Keely, CEO.

Canon tackles fake news with photojournalism verification site

Canon Nordic’s new Truthmark campaign seeks to tackle the epidemic of photo misuse and lead to fairer usage of photos. “Certain people have realised that it’s very easy to twist the truth. Often that’s through images.” – Ivor Prickett, award-winning freelance photographer.

Created with Uncle Grey, Copenhagen, Truthmark is a global database where photographers can state the truth behind their photographs. As Canon explains on the Truthmark website, ‘With the Truthmark initiative we hope to reduce misuse of photos worldwide and lead to fair usage of photos going forward, always ensuring the truth behind the image.’

The campaign is being promoted with a short documentary created with three award-winning photographers, shot during Covid-19, alongside Canon’s channels and some paid media.

The Anatomy of a Rumour

People spreading rumours

Dylan Reeve tracks down the source of the rumour that sparked vileness on the internet - and finds a young man full of regret and waiting for a call from police. Read more about the innocuous beginnings of a rumour that lead to official pleas to stop sharing the fake news. 

AirBnB going public


Airbnb has filed documents to begin its initial public offering, the company said on Wednesday. The filing remains confidential but it sets in motion a process that will eventually allow everyday investors to own and trade shares of the company. It's a big move coming in a tough year for the travel and tourism industry. 

A point of clarification from David Farrier

It seems to be an ongoing battle.

And in specialist technology news…

One of the Wellington team was unfairly the recipient of a number of jokes about his purchase of the Smart Kettle™ from Breville.

“This 1.7l capacity kettle knows the ideal temperature for tea or coffee. Five varietal settings brew at the right temperature for Black, Green, White and Oolong Tea and French press coffee.”

Everyone should have one!

As always...

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