The Week That Was 3 September 2021

As the outbreak of the Delta variant and the associated lockdown continues across New Zealand, we hope you are all safe and well. Here's some good news for you to enjoy as we move into the weekend and the week beyond.

Sophie Pascoe. Outstanding!

Sophie Pascoe, and her teammates at the Paralympic Games continue to do us proud. Nineteen medals in a career is an outstanding achievement. Which could have been the headline in this piece by the Herald.

The belief-driven employee

Edelman, our international partner agency has just released a Trust Barometer Special Report: The Belief-Driven Employee. The report reveals a fundamental re-set of priorities for employees. No longer are higher wages a sufficient incentive to work longer and harder; today, the majority are making their employment decisions based on their personal beliefs. A recording of the global panel event is available.

WFH: A deformed carrot and a dog joins the weather

The perils of working from home.

Campaign of the week: Corona, Plastic Fishing

A nice campaign from Corona (the beer).

Virtual tours of the International Space Station

For those amongst us who aren’t astronauts and don’t have billions in the bank, space exploration seems impossible. In an effort to bring regular people a little closer to the cosmos, TIME has launched Space Explorers: The ISS Experience—a virtual tour of the International Space Station, made in collaboration with NASA.

Contactless coffee delivered by train