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RMBA builds engagement on social media: Keeping content fresh

RMBA has been seeking to make better use of its digital and social media channels to communicate RMBA and its members to a wider, diverse audience, including existing members, potential new members, and people that are looking to use a builder.  

We work with RMBA weekly to develop engaging content that is targeted at the right people at the right time.  

Registered Master Builders doesn’t have a shortage of content, however it can often be repetitive due to the nature of its annual Awards programmes, such as Apprentice of the Year and House of the Year. To keep content fresh and engaging we have developed fun quizzes and online competitions to engage different audiences.  

How well do you know your tools? promoted the Apprentice of Year competition. encouraged the builders to ‘show off’ their knowledge.

The quiz was hosted on the RMBA website, and was promoted via Facebook and Instagram. The quiz was taken over 2,500 times, and has been one of the most engaged with Facebook posts in terms of comments and shares on RMBA’s page.  

2017 House Trends – How up to date are you? promoted the House of the Year competition. It was promoted on Facebook and Instagram, as well as being included in an article on Stuff.co.nz which increased reach significantly. The trends quiz was designed for a consumer audience and was taken by over 3,300 people.

We continue to work with RMBA to develop engaging social media content. With less than three seconds to get the attention of someone on social media, we challenge ourselves to think creatively about how to get messages out in an appealing way.