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The art of content creation – effective brand storytelling

Creating engagement and building an emotional connection with a brand is an art in today’s world. Central to our integrated campaigns are brand stories that can work across multiple channels – increasingly this is becoming social-led as we follow where the audiences are. But social media is a cluttered space, so quality content is a no-brainer.


Unsurprisingly, studies on media channels released during COVID-19 told us that social media usage is up as people seek information and entertainment in uncertain times. Mainstream media like TV also experienced far greater audiences.

During COVID-19, we’ve been having conversations with our clients to make sure our planned marketing campaigns were right for the times.  Asking ourselves “are we going to look too opportunistic?”
“Should our brand voice be heard and have we got something relevant to say?”

With so many fantastic analytics tools available, brands can develop a deeper understanding of shifting trends and sentiment in real-time. It can help test messaging at a time when getting the tone right for content is critical. Stories need to hold true to your brand, and to customers’ needs and beliefs in that moment. Effective brand storytelling takes the right story, tone, timing and storyteller. 

Lockdown challenged us to be nimble and deliver campaigns and content under restricted timings and unprecedented circumstances – in-person experiences or sampling events were off the table. Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble is made up of three delicious flavours, so our launch campaign was centred around the insight of how do you explain something with so many layers?.  So, we teamed up with content creators Antonia and Josh, who aligned with the brand, to bring the story to life and explain the deliciousness that is Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble: spoiler alert – the milk of a chocolate unicorn comes to mind.

After lighting up social with our content, we extended the campaign to include earned media, product send outs, and a paid media partnership. We reached more than 5.2 million people for the content-led campaign and helped catapult sales well beyond projections.

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